Monday, 20 June 2011

...And the Native Hipsters - Songs To Protest About

Here we have a Post-Punk, experimental outfit from London. Native Hipsters were introduced to the scene during the 1979 Post-Punk boom, then stayed out of the public eye. Even to this day, they're recognised for the single 'There Goes Concorde Again', as well as a variety of experimental pieces shown on this album.

Some could compare them to a more updated and skillful version of The Shaggs, this would be correct as Native Hipsters follow the same direction as The Shaggs. Electronic beats are  a fundamental part to the sound. With this, Post Punk à la Electronic drums have to have an atmosphere, this does. The guitar work and Avant-Garde structure is much alike Vinni Reilly's The Durutti Column.

Referred to as one of 'John Peel's bands', it's surprising that their music hasn't reached a wider audience. I expected to find a huge cult fan base much alike Mark E. Smith's The Fall, this wasn't to be. With just over 2,000 listeners on,  the lack of a fan base is disturbing.  I was shocked because their music is generally enjoyable and relaxing.

The tracks follow the out of time progressions which experimental artists do so well. Acoustic based tracks such as Barry The Bouncing Bee, stand out. These are the tracks that make Native Hipsters what they are, a solid Experimental Post-Punk band. Good production and multi-tracking only add to the unusual, childlike atmosphere, such as the track 'Ooo Technology'.

Rhino & The Meerkat is another stand out. A Jazz like progression and instrumentation are shown, with light percussion being used instead of the previous few tracks Electronic beat. Call it elevator music.. But it's like a lounge act in a Yorkshire country bed and breakfast, very down to earth with the direct lyrics.

I don't expect many people to listen to this, but.. This is more of an acknowledgement of what's still out there. This is music that's out of both the public and the elitist's eyes. As I previously said, the music is very relaxing, no hard beats, a couple of loud vocals at some points, but all round enjoyable, without needing detailed attention as you would with say, Trout Mask Replica. As they sing.. "I should be arrested for trying to sing, you should be arrested for listening", you hear that ironic, bizarre sound, which I can only associate with ...And the Native Hipsters.


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