Monday, 20 June 2011

Battles - Mirrored

If you read my Gloss Drop review, you may think that I'm not  a Battles fan, that's not the case at all. I like Battles, been a fan since i played Little Big Planet, seeing them on Later with Jools Holland really surprised me how much talent they had. I remember thinking that they'd go far (before Gloss Drop.. dropped).

Gloss Drop was a vague, build up with no finish album. Tyondai left them in the rock's, they couldn't hack it, wheather that was down to Ty's departure, i don't know. It just had little direction and musical output, it could have been scrapped.

Mirrored, is completely different. The rejuvenation and alternative Post-Rock of the 21st century. They managed to create a new and innovative sound to the common proles of society. Race In starts well, everything you'd expect, paying attention to detail. Musically, this track is outstanding.

Atlas is a huge build up with a thumping drum beat that acts as a bass rhythm. Tyondai's mashed vocals create a brilliant blend of confusion and happiness. Tonto starts of slow, but picks up when the percussion and carefully placed Dream Pop like guitar makes it's way on to the track. with every passing second, the tempo rises. This id before coming to a gradual stop, it differs as the ending is different to the beginning, giving it a different view from what was first heard. 

Leyendecker is a drum song with Wall of Sound aspects coming into situation. The sound of the reversed reverb creates separate atmospheres from the drum beat, with Pop like vocals being used as an instrument.

The songs on Mirrored don't follow a basic pattern, it's Math Rock with some Experimentation and progression alike Post-Rock. The album is very strong, with little to none bad tracks, depending on what kind of Battles songs you like. All these songs are varied, the Jazz like rhythms and guitar hooks keep everything in focus. Tyondai add's to the brilliance with cutting edge vocals.

A much loved album from 2007, receiving great acclaim for it's innovative style and song structure. Using Experimental features but at the same time attracting a wide audience with catchy songs.


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