Friday, 3 June 2011

Björk - Selmasongs

This is the soundtrack to one of my favourite films, Dancer In The Dark. Bjork stars in the film and also performs for the soundtrack. The film, without spoiling it, portrays the acting side of Bjork, going through a rough time eventually ending with pure sadness and no feeling of joy (other than the child sub-plot).

The orchestra based, Electronic soundtrack is specifically stunning. The opening track is like a piece played at a soldiers funeral. It has a great horn section with brilliant atmosphere and touching progressions which only highlight the films sad feel. 'Cvalda' then thumps into action with Industrial noises, with very bad lyrics I have to add.. But the music and the whole idea of this song is brilliant. It's a bunch of working class factory staff dancing around in uniform to the industrial, classical track.

'I've Seen It All' is a duet with Radiohead star Thom Yorke. This song does not have much passion or soul, especially by our good friend Thom, he sounds remarkably boring here. Regarding the lyrical themes, you would imagine more passion and.. Soul. Bjork delivers well as always, the music  is again fantastic. it features a lovely recording of a train and features the train noises as a riff which is built upon with brilliant, dark strings and the vocals by the duo.

'Scatterheart' is my favourite song on the album. The lyrics are beautifully written, with a fantastic repetitive vocal of "You are gonna have to find out for yourself". Bjork does a great vocal on this track. It's not like she's ever given a bad vocal. The beat is very electronic and features great vocal effects added to her voice very calmly. The string arrangements have again been composed with great skill and work well with the heavy beat.

It ends with the thunderous, finale 'New World'. This song is by far the most beautiful and lyrical on the album. It has a very eerie, downtempo beat with progressive classical arrangements much alike the opening track. Bjork's vocals shine bright with the brass and her voice stays strong, she has that ability to hold a high note with such envy. It's a fantastic end to the movie and it does the same effect with the soundtrack.