Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cat's Eyes - Cat's Eyes

This album was released behind the public's ears. It's the product of the singer from The Horrors & a Classical/Opera singer. The finishing touch is outstanding, I'm surprised this album hasn't reached a wider audience. Not many people know, or have heard this album yet, which saddens me, because I think many people will enjoy it for it's Downtempo features. It's incredibly relaxing and explores areas that I don't usually listen to. I wasn't a huge fan of The Horrors, but this is totally different in terms of style.

'I'm Not Stupid' has such a beautiful melody, with agonizing lyrics. Sometimes music sounds better when only the minimal amount of instruments are being used. This is a fine example, some strings, like piano work and vocal harmony stands out on this track. 

'Face In The Crowd' had a much more Soul like 60's girl group sound. The main intention of this project was to rectify and replicate the Phil Spector sound of the 60's. It has the same sort of drumming to the previous tracks, but it's still respectable for this track. It's a nice duet which works well, the delicate vocals can sometimes be a little of putting, but here they work well.

The songs are so short, the 10 tracks don't reach the half hour mark. One reason is because the songs need to be short and snappy, with different compositions and moods, this is because of the musical style being played, anything longer than 4 minutes just wouldn't fit, it didn't in the 60's and it doesn't feature here. Thankyou, for that Cat's Eyes.

'The Lull' was the groups first song, it's a slow, ambient like Chillout track. The light vocals above the sweet melancholy strings sound beautiful. The Brass works really well and you can really here some passion in Farris's voice.

'Over You' is the heavy track, fast paced and it uses light instrumentation again, with a focus on piano and light percussion. The vocal work is outstanding on this track, the effect created sounds remarkable in places. It's something that's radio friendly, but it just wouldn't be picked to be played, it's a shame because even this song would chart very highly and would be enjoyed by the British public.

'I Knew It Was Over' closes the album, it's the finale, the last stand. It's beyond imagination, the instrumentation is just perfect, the piano sound and trickling high notes on the piano bring out the best from this album, this track was performed at The Vatican, and the video from that sounds just as smooth and mellow as the album version.

To be honest, the album is a great listen, it's relaxing and it has some remarkable moments on a number of tracks. It just isn't very memorable, this could be because it's such a quiet album. One thing's for sure, it deserves more attention. 
You can listen to I Knew It Was Over being played at The Vatican here.


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