Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Creation - We Are Paintermen

This is a Garage Rock album featuring many of The Creation's well know songs. It is a compilation album of the bands early output which does include some of the hard hitting raw Garage Rock that the 60's saw. Cool Jerk is the opener, to great effect, it's much alike the R&B period of the 50's/60's in the States. It has a nice riff and a decent vocal effort.

'Making Time' has a thunderous guitar riff to kick it off, with a commercial like drum beat and hard driven bass, this track is electrifying. the guitar work is absolute class, the guitarist Eddie Phillips creates a fantastic sound with The Creation, just losing control halfway through, so he can pick up a violin bow and rock the fuck out. This band were the first to use the Bow guitar. Jimmy Page took it from this band, but when you hear the second half of Making Time, with the use of the Bowed guitar, you can really feel the dirt and grit which the era didn't portray.

The Bob Dylan cover, 'Like a Rolling Stone' is just 3 minutes long, it starts strong and follows a simple structure, they put a simple look on the song, with a very good vocal effort. 'Biff Bang Pow', sounds like a Kinks song. With a cracking harmonic vocal. This band creates such a strong empowering sound it's devastating on the ear.

'Hey Joe', the Hendrix cover manages to put the fuzz pedal to great use. Again, a simple straight forward cover, with a fantastic solo effort by Phillips. The hit 'Painter Man' is a Psychedelic session, with a bowed guitar playing throughout. The chorus is trippy as hell, just simple, yet the sound again is incredible.

Many of the tracks are like this, 'Midway Down' sounds like a direct influence towards Franz Ferdinand. This is Garage Rock at it's best, they inspired the record label Creation, which housed many great acts of the 90's. Truly one of Britain's under appreciated bands. Whilst people flock towards The Who & The Beatles, The Creation will always be the understated champions from the 60's.

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