Friday, 24 June 2011

Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight

Scottish music, both past and present, has had an ingredient that English music is lacking. So far, I haven't worked it out yet, part of me thinks its because the majority of these bands come from poor, low cost families with bad jobs or unemployment, I'm not sure, they just manage to be extra creative. Frightened Rabbit are no different.

Straight out of the Scottish Indie Folk scene, this album combines 60's Scottish Folk from the likes of Bert Jansch, with modern day Rock. The songs are extremely strong, you can here the tension and heartbreak in the singers voice, sometimes it comes off a little too pretentious,  this can be forgiven due to the excellent musicianship.

I think this band are either hit or miss, they'll never reach mainstream success, that's a given, they just don't have the image of Indie Folk bands such as Mumford & Sons. So I hope they continue doing this kind of music, it's mellow, not exactly relaxing, but you can listen to it on a cold lonely night. The singers emotions run wild in this album, 'Fast Blood' is a very good song, with catchy vocals and brilliant guitar hooks, in fact, most of the tracks are single material. It's such a strong album. 'Old Old Fashioned', starts off very well, with a great capo played guitar and odd drum playing. This is very much one of my favorite tracks from the album, it's in place, it doesn't fail to amuse me every time.

'Head Rolls Off' is another one of my favorites, I'm going to stop mentioning these now, due to the whole album including amazing songs. This song opening with a little bit of cynicism with Jesus Christ. Before banging in to a smooth Folk Rock song. The inclusion of the Organ really separates the song from some of the others, giving it a more atmosphere image and style.

'Poke' is extremely personal with soothing guitar playing, the vocals here seem more emotional and the feeling of heartbreak seems present. I liked this song, it was nice just to read. It's smooth chorus and delicate vocals really create the ballad atmosphere.

'Floating In The Forth' is depressing, lyrics being a little aimed towards suicidal thoughts and depressive attitudes. Break up being the main lyrical key, before entering in to the whole suicidal song. Imaging death in the sea, before coming out with the line that sticks in my head 'I think I'll save suicide for another day.' I love the imagery.

So this album is a delightful listen. If you're a folk fan it should be special. Scottish music at it's modern best. Honestly enjoyable, I'm personally a big fan of this album, the little criticism are present including at times bad production, but in general it does sound rather complete.


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