Friday, 10 June 2011

Happy Mondays - Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches

'Give me some Acid Dad, you fucking manc cunt, give me that E.. Bitch get over here and take me down to the rec.. Oh I have a jam of a lifetime with this album. Please disregard all bad vibes, all of the bad press.. all of the bullshit opinions based from a 16 year old Blur loving dweeb. This is Happy Mondays.

'Kinky Afro' starts just as you wanted, "Son I'm 30, i only went with your Mother cause she's dirty". I didn't expect that. This is probably true, Shaun writes some nice lyrics, others are terrible. But on the odd occasion  he manages to pull off a great tune. None of these songs are predictable, all following on from the Madchester craze at the time. 

'Step On', as you all should know, is one of the best tracks from the 90's. If you're not socially awkward then you will still hear it all over the shot, it has such a strong beat. It's an enhanced cover, but they do it very well.

Both 'Holiday' and 'Harmony' are equally my favourites. Holiday tells the tale of a great story from a predictable British holidaymaker. Harmony like the name, is harmonic. It has such a great riff and guitar sound coming from all over the track.

This album is the better of the few from Happy Mondays. It's energetic, lyrical style adds to the brilliant vocals and well produced guitar work. Everything fits well together on this album. It's full of funky, happy songs and features great harmonic vocals on several occasions. 


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