Friday, 10 June 2011

Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Volume 2

The Point of No Return starts of very strong. Immortal Technique can certainly write a good song, that's been proven with Rev Vol 1. This album as a whole is in a whole new level of Hip-Hop. It's a strong album with some very good lyrics and nice constructed beats. For new fans, this album was the turning point from his darker lyrical themes. This album still has the darker tracks, but also featurs great, hilarious songs.

The main aspects you notice, are his very strong political lyrics, which are basically his own opinions. Some people do actually snub him because of his strong political views. You don't have to believe anything he says, it makes no matter, he's putting it on a plate and giving you a choice, you don't have to swallow it all up.

'Peruvian Cocaine' samples one of my favourite movies.. Scarface. This is such a great song, several rappers feature as characters, drug lords. 'Harlem Streets' is more of a look back, look what has happened.. type song. Lot's of  bullshit and factual views over Gentrification.  He can give a great vocal and he does just that. He has amazing lyrical themes and his beats are very standard but they do flow well with his vocals.

'Obnoxious' is fucking incredibly, lyrical.. 'I'll bust of on her face, and right after the segment she'll probably rub it in her pussy, trying to get herself pregnant' This is my favourite song on the album, mainly because the lyrics never end in hilarity.  The beat is very fast paced and it does sound great with his amazing vocals.

It continues on this path, political based lyrics, simple yet enticing beats. 'The 4th Branch' stands out, Illuminati stands strong here. 'The Cause of Death' being very similar, much better instrumentation. Decent lyrics, again, based on political news stories and personal opinions. Illuminati  conspiracies and all that.

'Freedom of Speech' is the fun jam, lovely sample and the lyrics are not hateful, just hilarious.
'You Never Know' is one of those songs that you really need to listen hard. It's a story, i gather it's factual, but it's not hard to question the factuality of Techs lyrics. 'One' is the final track, and it's like poetry, the harmonic sample puts the mood in place, before guest Akir begins his verse. It ends on a high, 18 tracks.


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