Friday, 3 June 2011

Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

I like to separate Kasabian from the never ending amount of 'Indie Rock' bands that seem to come out of England once a fortnight. So I separate them away from Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys & The Libertines . This is because Kasabian's debut was one hell of an Electronic jam. It had both aspects of Electronic music and the stream of Indie Rock which was around in 2004/5.

I enjoyed Kasabian's debut, it had strong songs.. very strong instrumentals and had a great feel to it. This is Kasabian's 3rd album and they wanted to get away from the 3rd album failures that were present at the time. Some people may think they pulled it off here, others.. have a slightly viscous 'sell out' attitude towards this album.

The album has some strong songs, 'Underdog' for example, is the right choice to be the opener. It has a very gritty guitar riff and a very melodic acoustic backing the gritty electric guitar riff. The drums were very electronic and gave a bigger sound to the song. 

'Where Did All The Love Go?' is more of a follow through track. It isn't very memorable, but the lyrics have more attitude and imagery than the whole of Empire. The synthesized string hooks sound nice but become a little repetitive when they have no structural change. The key note to this song is the very down to earth vocal and acoustic guitar riff.

'Swarfiga' ends the first three tracks with heavy bass followed by Electronic driven madness, I liked this, it managed to split the opening two (which they obviously believed where the strongest) from the second part of the album. This second part is made up of previous singles just placed in the centre of the album. 

'Vlad The Impaler' is such a Psychedelic jam. The steady beat works with the well recorded dirty electric guitar. It has a great sound and the kick in is fantastic with the syntheszied sounds coming through once again. 

The last few tracks faded. 'Fire' (The lead single) is over played. Although it has a nice little riff, nothing really stands out about Fire. First of all, it sounds extremely quiet. Second, it has the catchy chorus thing going on and the verse only slows the track down. I think this track has a brilliant bass riff, but other than that.. Nothing.


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