Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Kate Bush - Hounds of Love

What can I say about this outstanding artist.. She has the ability to make everything look dull and grim, only to smash some Art Rock all over it. You'll know what I mean if you've seen any of her videos. Hounds of Love is one of those albums, it's considered a classic by some, some.. because it hasn't been heard by a wide audience, outside of the UK. She's well known and appreciated in the UK, the strong and most successful female artist that isn't Madonna or Kylie. 

The key aspect to her work is her total eccentric attitude and down right crazy lyrics which are some of the best, I've ever read. She's very literal, many of her songs pay homage or make references to books. Which is something i look for when listening to music, it gives the song a purpose and more of an edge than a song about an irrelevant topic.

'Running Up That Hill' starts the album with a very eclectic and surprisingly catchy drum beat, which makes way for the Art Rock like instrumentation that she uses so well. Hounds of Love is very similar in terms of percussion, the synth works well. Her lyrics drive this song forward.

'The Big Sky' is one of my personal favourite tracks, ever. it's just got that imagery and pounding instrumentation that brings you back for more. Many of the songs follow a pattern, nice percussion or thumping drums. Followed by very keen piano and synth hooks.

'Cloudbursting' is one of the stand out tracks, the synth and vocal work here is outstanding. She has a strong voice which strikes through your soul like a dagger. The drumming is simplistic yet it gel's the song together so well.

The songs are very strong, Art Rock at it's best here. I enjoy Kate Bush, I think she has real talent and eccentrics that nobody can replicate. I'm praying for a second tour. Hounds of Love is her standout album for me, I have it on record and play it constantly. 


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