Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Ting Ting's - We Started Nothing

I was asked to review this album from 2008.. I first heard of The Ting Ting's like everybody else, through the endless media coverage of 'Thats Not My Name' etc.. This band is what I like to call a Poppy Reversed White Stripes. Think  of that what you will, doesn't make much difference.

The music then, 'Great DJ' is actually really catchy and keeps a steady but basic guitar riff. 'That's Not My Name' has been played in my ear so many times it's hard to give an honest opinion. But here it is, painfully repetitive, but horribly catchy and likable. The chorus is pathetic lyrically wise. The instrumentation is faint, not what you'd expect.

'Shut Up & Let Me G'o is probably my favorite track from the album, a sort of blend between New Wave and Pop, again catchy instrumentation, the lyrics are slightly better than That's Not My Name, but it's still cheesy and Pop.. basically.

'Keep Your Head' I actually enjoyed, it was a slower, more lyrical track. It had decent instrumentation, without the basic drums it sounds like a The Go! Team track, just incredibly bland.

Nothing else stands out, it's filler, I don't like using the word, but it's applicable to albums such as this. The so called 'Indie Rock' keeping it Poppy. 'We Walk' was the only other track that was slightly enjoyable, I guess these songs would sound alright live, but here on this album, they sound dated, bland and repetitive.