Monday, 13 June 2011

Tyler, The Creator - Goblin

This could be the first time I have heard so many words repeated in one album. Swag, Wolf Gang, Wolf Haley etc.. This is Tyler, The Creator. This is the hyped album of 2011, it's swag, it's Hip-Hop, it's dirty.. Yeah.

This album is basically 'Yonkers' & 'Sandwiches', nothing more. The simple fact is, hype has escalated this into something that it just isn't. Its been masked by this hype, it received mainly positive reviews somehow. I don't know if they're noting the outrageous lyrics, but if we turn to the lyrics for a moment.. The lyrical content is exactly what I'd expect by an 18/19 Black man from America, it doesn't surprise me. It's nothing special, he's just recorded it that's all. The constant hate messages to bloggers is just childish, it's not a big deal, I don't understand why he would do this, I can actually.

The beats are extremely amateur, this was expected because he took on the production mostly by himself. One track 'She', sounds like it's been thrown together from rejected Death Jam executives, with a flat, emotionless vocal put on top. I wasnt impressed listenign to this, even the Odd Future guests are pretty poor.

'Yonkers' is memorable, the beat is a little better here, the synth which he uses throughout the album is used very little on Yonkers, that's a good thing because the same synth sound gets old, fast. I don't mind Sandwiches, but the nigger's right, he's so immature. Again the beat is recognizable, the hateful lyrics manage to work here, he generally sounds angry, which again is a good thing because many of these tracks lack passion. We get it, it's the Wolf Gang... Swag, whatever, Tyler, The Creator.
~Steve Harvey


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