Monday, 13 June 2011

The Vaccines - What Did You Expect From The Vaccines

This is difficult, because I sort of like them?? but at the same time, hate the bullshit cheesy lyrics. The Vaccines are what can only be described as a four piece Indie band from West London, England..

The first track starts off very strong, straight in with a short, hard hitting (predictable) song, I liked it. The second track isn't as special, but the first track just sums up the band for me.  This Garage Rock Revival thing isn't really working. Garage Rock was so special because it was different at the time, this isn't so special once you listen to the early Garage Rock bands such as The Creation. Here it's just a little in your face.

Sure these can pin a decent chorus, the songs are catchy, in my opinion they're not that cheesy, I can see how some people can put them down as a cheesy 'indie rock' band from England. They have the same effect as The XX, where every song follows the same style, also like The XX, it leaves the sophomore album totally exposed. I cant see a major change in direction from The Vaccines.

'Wolf Pack' is a nice little jam, Funky in some ways, some tracks like this are nice to hear, different. It's a little predictable and doesnt really expand on anything musically.

The Vaccines manage to use simple song structures, basic lyrics..  The image, lack of fame and talent can be questioned, but this album is steady, it's better than the average Garage Rock/Indie Rock album, that's for sure. What did you expect from The Vaccines?.. Etc..


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