Tuesday, 14 June 2011

YoungTeam - Daydreamer

This album has a nice blend of Alternative Rock and Shoegaze. They're obviously influenced by albums like Souvlaki and Loveless. The band come from Sweden and have a unique sound which blends genres together correctly. They take soft, sweet piano melodies and combine them with hard, abrasive guitar chords which sound very lo-fi.

This doesn't sounds like one of those terrible My Bloody Valentine wannabee cover bands, the song structures are in place here. It's a nice mix between Shoegaze and the Alternative genre, it's not as left field as My Bloody Valentine. The album kicks off great with a Dream Pop intro which I enjoyed.

The title track sounds like a Mogwai track mixed with the Indie Rock styles from bands such as The Wombats, it sounds crazy. Then the distortion kicks in, this track is a total Shoegaze jam. The bass keeps it compact and the guitar work is extremely gritty, much alike the gritty right sided synthesizer.

Some of the tracks follow a basic rhythm, but the majority have loud guitars and some variants in the music. It's nice to hear when so many Dream Pop bands are abandoning the delicate atmospheres and aiming for Pop songs.

'Summertime' has a nice Dream Pop feel, it has a slow start, which builds into a modern Garage Rock track, just with reverbed vocals and some Shoegaze like drones. It's much alike the album, it's very Punk like, but does have an eerie atmosphere which Dream Pop needs.

YoungTeam manages to combine the Shoegazing genre well, they don't over do it. I like the way everything has been placed together, the drummer does a good job. The last track Goodbye feels like a final track. The band could be a reference to Mogwai's magnificent Mogwai Young Team, that's just a guess, but I'd like to think that's the case. I haven't researched the band as much as I should, but from what i can hear, I'd like to hear more material in the future, it's a strong album.


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