Friday, 19 August 2011

The Fugs - The Fugs

Any band that references or names themselves after a Norman Mailer novel must know how to write songs, so far from what I've heard through artists such as The Fugs and Lloyd Cole, literal lyrics are a fundamental strong aspect to the artists music. The Fugs are deemed as a mix of Psychedelic Rock/Freak Folk and Protopunk, I can understand why these terms are associated with The Fugs.

What we have is nine short songs which are extremely political and literal, with a smashing 11 minute album finisher which deserves it's place when referencing 60's Rock music. 'Dirty Old Man' is humorous as well as delicate, with lyrics noting pedophilia. It's disgustingly beautiful in it's own unique way, the Fug way. This track has a nice dance feel to it which is common within The Fugs discography, but you wouldn't want to sing this song when listening to your record player when eating dinner with your parents.

'Frenzy' is a smashing opener which sets the mood, it's a lovely Rock and Roll song which is like a toned down Chuck Berry number. 'I Want To Know' instantly stands out as a track you want to come back and listen to. It has that eager 60's sound that made the decade so wonderful. 

The songs don't differ in sound, which is a little criticism. But lyrically, if you have a good ear for lyrics then you should be in for a treat. Political opinions, references to drugs, sex and rock and roll. 'Kill For Peace' sums up the band for me, the message is simple, kill for peace, if you don't kill them, then the Chinese will. At the time, the lyrics are considered very opinionated and extreme, with short segments mentioning the call out to kill gook's, this song is a little satirical.

We come to 'Virgin Forest'. You may call it Avant-Garde if you must, with a gut wrenching ambient opening. It slowly descends into something you would expect to hear from The Doors, with a real emphasis on Lo-fi and instrumentation. The lyrics are honestly outstanding, with a great vocal sound. This is a sound which the band didn't show in the previous tracks, it's very Experimental but at the same time keeping the basics shown.

Generally I like literal albums, this is another one which i know rather well and enjoy, for people that may not have listened to The Fugs, I recommend listening to this with open ears, as loud as you can. It's not a very loud album, it's an exceptional read.