Tuesday, 20 September 2011

British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music?

British Sea Power from Kendal in Cumbria, Indie Rock. As with every band under the umbrella term Indie, the lyrics are about money, life or relatio.... Wait. This is British Sea Power.

I really like this album, it's due to the sheer fantastic production by Graham Sutton (previously of Bark Psychosis). This entire album could be performed on the biggest stage to the biggest audience in the world, it really could. It's so loud and energetic. It instantly blew me away with the first few tracks, all in a similar style, but all good in their separate way. It sounds so bright and full, something which Indie Rock sometimes doesnt have.

'Waving Flags' is so thunderous it has to be played loud or you wont hear it in full. I'm not kidding, this album really does need to be heard with the volume turned to the top. Lyrics are a little predictable, noting minimum wage and drinking ages etc.. not the best of lyrical topics for 2008 as these were the focal point for the majority of artists at the time (The Wombats, Arctic Monkeys).

'Canvey Island' has a little bit of melancholy, with the subject matter being completely different to what i expected. This is my favourite from the album due to the lyrics and pure brilliance of the build up and good guitar work. They show some characteristics which other bands from the UK just don't have.

Past these few songs in the first half of the album, nothing else really happens. It would make a great 9/10 EP, but the back half just let's the band down. The infamous filler bites away here. These last 5 songs are much more slower and less full, they don't have much need on this album, the final track is a fantastic closer none the less, with a little 'All In It' reprise, with Noise and distorted guitars it's a nice but sad and to the album with one half of glorious tracks.