Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Girls - Album

This is the debut album by Frisco Indie Rockers Girls released in 2009. The band fall under the umbrella of Indie, combining a production, lyrics and structure with Indie Pop, but keeping a more formal Indie sound which you associate with Indie Rock. I'd personally label these as an Indie Pop band.

When purchased/downloaded, you're greeted with 12 tracks on an energetic and concise album. You know this wont be musically challenging on the ear, it isn't Experimental and it doesn't break new ground. What you get is a modern take on Elvis Costello mixed with some Garage Rock like twinges.  

Lust For Life has a great opening raw guitar sound, this is the sound of the album in just 30 seconds. Production sounds very lo-fi in places, with white noise just taking control which does give them a raw sound, but it's just not refined enough. The bass really does stand out on this album, it's very distorted and loud. I enjoy the vocals, lead singer Christopher Owens does give a good delivery on a majority of the tracks, he just lacks that edge on a few numbers such as God Damned, where it just sounds extremely lackluster, it's not a very clear vocal, the whole song focuses on a tremble sound with just an acoustic guitar and some light percussion.

Big Bad Mean Motherfucker has a huge arena sound to it, the loud bass and heavy drumming draw the lo-fi out of the album. This is possibly the loudest track on the album, it also sounds very dull because nothing really happens, it's only 2 minutes long but it goes nowhere. Unlike Hellhole Ratface, which has a stylistic build up and the noise really does pick up. This album does have plenty of distortion and layers which gives the band something extra. The production isn't great, but it's full of guitars and great drumming.

Some of the later tracks are actually my favorites and the most left field. I really love the sound and vocal work on the New Wave like Lauren Marie. It starts of very good with a Depeche Mode like vocal. The hard hitting drumming comes in with that distinctive electric guitar sound which you hear on many of the tracks. it ends with a wall of noise, but i liked this track because it's different to the other material hat i have heard from this band.

Again, Morning Light loses itself in lo-fi. The vocals have been well produced and reverb has been used here. This track reminds me of a more expensive song by Canadian Post-Punk band Little Girls, the sound is remarkably similar just elevated. After Again comes Curls, its a peaceful instrumental with very nice guitar work and melody. 

We have some very strong tracks in Lust For Life, Hellhole Ratface and Track 8, Summertime. Which has a very distinctive bass and guitar riff which flow hand in hand. The drumming is again very good. The atmospherical guitar's in the background give it a Dream Pop feel. This song reminds me of a Suede track but for Garage Rock, i do enjoy this, but at around the 2 and a half minute mark, it explodes into this noise which has it' characteristics, i just don't think it shows anything or has any meaning. It's just loud noise and i cant help but feel a little bit uneasy when listening to this as it's a common sound this band have here. 

Darling closes the album and it's a very nice track, it's reminiscent of 60's Rock which i can appreciate in itself. The vocals are strong and it sounds like a Summer anthem wanting to be played at festivals around the world.  The band do have that indoor sound, where the face of Noise can only be received well in close intimate venue's. But then again, this could just be the production, but the drumming is very big, it stands out and i like it. The album is a facade of noise and delayed vocals, some may enjoy this, i like the Garage Rock influences and the similarities with 80's Elvis Costello.