Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Go! Team - Rolling Blackouts

This is The Go! Team's third studio album. The first was met with great acclaim for being innovative and bright. The follow up was also met with similar acclaim, this album hasn't reached a wider audience unlike the previous two albums, but it has still been received well by both fans and critics. It Carry's on the style which The Go! Team create so well, with scratches and Soul samples, exciting guitar work and unique vocals.

The album does really sound similar to the bands debut, rather than the sophomore. I did prefer the debut because the songs were just so good, they could raise what ever mood i was in and make me jolly as can be. This album is just that, a jolly album made to cheer everybody up. It's something The Go! Team should praise themselves in. The first three tracks are pass over the ear without remembering what happened before. it's an album where you need o pay close attention to detail because so much is going on in the background. A synth loop or  string sample and a Hip-Hop jab just about creates the atmosphere for these three tracks. 

Ready To Go Steady is much clearer and what sounds very Soulful. Again, the song doesn't really catch my ear, it has a nice little chorus. But the atmosphere doesn't really change. That's something which i think they need to improve on for future albums, they really do need to sit down and think how they can change the dynamics amongst all the samples and instrumentation. Without this change they just wont be able to reach heights or gain as much recognition. 

Buy Nothing Day is by far the best song on the album, it's sang by Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino. it has melody and some great drumming. The song sounds so full that it needs to be heard at a high volume just so you can hear the faint guitar work in the background.  It's the song i like the most, it has a nice little split section for the guitar solo and surrounding drumming to prepare for the initial smash and finale.

The songs are very similar, nothing surprises or catches my ear to a major extent. However, they do manage to create some very enjoyable instrumentals. They can only get better with time, they just need to keep what they're doing and perfect the Alternative-Dance sound they have going on. It's a nice little album when played full blast, you must not listen to it as background music though, it just doesn't fit.


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