Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Horrors - Skying

This is the 3rd album by British rockers The Horrors, we see a drastic change in style from 2009's predecessor Primary Colours. Skying takes on a brighter look, as the album cover portrays. Faris has already released work this year under the name Cat's Eyes that i have reviewed, i really like the Cat's Eyes album so i was looking forward to listening to this, as i am recent fan of The Horrors.

The opening track is very heavy and uses synthesizers very well, which elevate the song in parallel to vocals given by Faris. It's one of the better songs on the album, it does however turn into a wall of noise which I'm not really a fan of. If something is going to explode into noise, then it really needs melody, when this song reaches climax, it just hurts. Everything is over the place and the vocals are heavily outnumbered by the amount of Synths and guitars.

You Said is just as heavy on the ear, Synths again lead the track and take it forward. It's a little bit pointless because the song just doesn't go anywhere. It ends in high pitched synths which are just straight up annoying. It's something that is a noticeable problem with this album.

Every song follows the same basic pattern, with the unimaginative drumming and high pitched synths, nothing really grabs my attention, such as I Can See Through You, which.. does have a nice sound in some places, but it's just not clear and clean. The whole album is plastered in noise, which makes it gritty but not in the good way. 

Endless Blue had a much more down to earth sound, with some melancholy guitar work turning into distortion as the song progresses. The bass is a real standout here, which is the driving force for the song, the drumming is basic much like the other tracks, but it's far more clearer. The Shoegaze like feel the song has is bearable unlike some of the other tracks. The kick is fantastic here and you can here the vocals very clearly. In my opinion this is the Best track on the album, it's a clear single for me.

Still Life is one of the better tracks, it's the lead single and has some sort of energy injected into it. It doesn't really sound separated from the other tracks, but it really has some sense of normality. The synths actually work really well here, much like the opening track.

This is a mediocre album, it's far worse than the previous two albums and the sound is just frustrating to hear. I listen to Shoegaze often, but this doesn't even come close. It's loud, it's full.. But it's not good. I could complain about this all night, but it's not worth my or your time. It's disappointing because i really enjoyed Cat's Eyes from early in the year.


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