Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Skream - Outside The Box

This is Skream's second album and instantly you hear the atmospheric reversed eerie sound scapes, but these are mixed with straight up awful synths. These synths sounds like they have been taken straight from an Owl City single, it's terrible and has nothing going on. It has the bass, but this first track just basically introduces the album without anything to focus on, the atmosphere sounds great, but the synths ruin this opening track for me.

The second track unleashes some vocals which are very clear relating to the beat and bass very well. 8 bit sounds are featured towards the second half of the song, but it's nothing special or innovative. Much like the third track and fourth, which just feature bad synths, a basic drum beat and bad atmosphere, it sounds very bland at this point. Everything is quiet, the bass seems far too overpowering for the other musical aspects going on in this album. I dont like the use of synths, but more clear keys could have been used, especially on Where You Should Be, which is loaded with phony synth sounds which use arpeggio. 

The rest of the album follows this pattern, nothing special about the beats, they sound very empty but industrial in places. The reverb is what you would expect from a 14 year old using Fruity Loops, but the bass has been placed well in certain tracks such as Fields of Emotion. 

I do get the impression that this is just an amateur release made on Fruity Loops, because the synths are very similar to something i could create in 3 minutes of opening the program, it's not a great image if I'm honest. Sure some material sounds good, but for the most, this album is just poor.

I Love The Way is probably one of the standout tracks, if that's applicable to this album. It has a nice vocal and a much bettered instrumental, break down and build up going on. The ending to this track is also the most energetic and clear on the album. With some melodic synth strings being used with a slight form of distortion right towards the end.

I can't really say this is a good album, because it isn't, it's not even mediocre. It's hard to create a Dubstep album and keep the listener interested for the entire album, unless you're introducing some minimal and atmospheric aspects into the music such as Burial and Mount Kimbie. Skream just doesn't do that, the synths have been turned up and I'm aware that some of these tracks have been taken from previous releases for this album. I can see why some people like Skream, his debut album Skream!, was very likable and i enjoyed it, but this release isn't worthy of a follow up. It has no emotion, no creativity and no originality.