Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Enemy - Music For The People

The Enemy are a three piece Indie Rock band formed in the dark boring city industrial British city of Coventry, smack bang in the middle of England..  They take influence from Punk, which is quite clear. You may also hear a real influence from bands like The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys here. That aside The Enemy are a late 2000's Indie Rock band, one of the many hundred. It's the second album by the band, released in the period of flops (along with Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand) in 2009 which saw the end of UK Indie Rock as we know it, great success!

The Elephant Song starts off with some Oasis like noises from What's The Story Morning Glory, it's already started. if you have heard this album then you'll know the problems the band had with originality. it's very early 90's in sound, something which i admire from the band. The song is very clean and produced well, with strings supporting the three piece rather well. This is a very good start to the album, it does however sound like a Stone Roses, more specifically Elephant Stone.

No Time For Tears is the lead single from the album, it's clear why, nice bass work, protest like lyrics and a good beat. Back in 2009 i was so excited for this song, that i actually downloaded a virus when searching for links, that kind of sucks.. But i like this song. The lyrics specifically are bad, i don't think the band have lived in the real world yet to be honest. Sure, they may have left school at 16 and worked endless 9 to 5's etc.. I have a message for you Tom, go live in Somalia. This song is also a gigantic Clash rip off, i cant even...
Take a listen here:

The songs follow in the same nature, bad lyrics and the music just gets worse as the album progresses. 51st State is short, but not at all snappy. It does sound kind of punky, but it's not the good sort of Punk. it also has a nice little guitar solo, but it's forgettable. Sing When You're In Love is more melodic than 51st State. Thankfully it ha better lyrics, but again, the refrain is awful.

Yeah, Last Goodbye is a failed attempt at trying to sound like Lynyrd Skynyrd, sorry lads.. You're from Coventry, stick to the living and dying in these towns. Nation of Checkout Girls is laughable, i actually laugh at this song. It just has Pulp all over it, Common People being the 'influence' this time. Except the music is bad, the lyrics are bad and the whole concept is bad. This is just bad, i cant even...
Take a listen here:

Be Somebody starts terrible, i don't like this intro at all.. the song then begins which is also terrible, the lyrics are again both cheesy and bad. referencing to sleeping with the BBC which i just don't even want to research. At least the chorus sounds better, it actually does. If I'm honest, i can see myself liking this song if it was slowed down. They just want to sound loud and punky, but it's not really needed, it's 2009.

Don't Break The Red Tape is The Enemy's take on London Calling.. I'm not joking here, why on earth has Warner Bros allowed these songs to be released?? If anybody would like to answer, please.. go ahead. The song, i cant do this, i cant even...
Take a listen here:

In general, i cant hear any improvements what so ever from the bands debut album, it;s sad.. But it's true. They have included some piano work, i guess that's an improvement? No, but seriously, this is a bad album which shouldn't have been released. They did advertise it and i believe the album sold to the bands expectations. Deep down they know they've created one of the worst albums to come from the 2000's, let alone 2009. The guitar work is reasonably decent in places, the final track Silver Spoon has a much better band feel to it than the others. No Time For Tears does sound good, it does.. The album is broken to pieces through the lack of originality and songwriting, it's that simple.


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