Thursday, 3 November 2011

Jersey Budd - Wonderlands

Anyone who's main influence is Oasis, can just stop trying to make good music now. This whole album is just one long piece of 'trying to get famous' material. Everything is polished.. the production isn't bad, but it's not exactly cool, hip or edgy. It's bland, it sounds full, but it's as average as any local band. 

Jersey Budd calls himself a singer songwriter and is compared to both Springsteen and Dylan, something which is an insult to both if I'm honest. his lyrics are no way near as meaning or imaginative as Dylan's and the music just sounds random. You cant really put a genre on this, it's not Folk, Indie Folk, Indie Rock, Rock.. However it fits under this bracket. I don't want to call the man a singer songwriter, because that term should not be used as a genre. His genre is just Jersey Budd.

Musically, this album is very similar to most Folk based rock albums from the 70's. I can hear a bit of Cat Stevens in here, maybe a little bit of Neil Young even. It's just covered by the same old drumming and the same old guitar work and the same old piano and the.. you get the picture. It's very bland and repetitive. The strings on The Blind Man are the best thing about this album, this is also my favourite song from the album.

Shotgun Times is a highlight, it sounds very Americanized, but that's the style he's going for. I can see him becoming well known in the states, but here, he really doesn't stand a chance. I think he knows that his support wont pick up to a substantial amount. Outside of Leicester, i don't think he has many fans.

She Came Back is also a highlight, these two tracks are clearly his best. They have much better lyrics and better instrumentation. The drumming is far better here than anywhere else on the album. I cant say much more about the album as a whole, because it's filled with bad material.


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