Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Live Show - Warpaint

Where: Summer Sundae Leicester
Venue: DeMontfort Hall

Having a 45 minute set to rain down on the filled venue, Warpaint entered the stage, all wearing very bright dresses as seen above. They entered the acclaim market with 2010's self titled debut album Warpaint, also the song the used to start the performance. 'Warpaint' is  five minutes long and features very dark Post-Punk like guitar work reminiscent of The Cure.

The second track 'Bees' was just as dark, it featured great reverb on the lead and rhythm guitar, meanwhile the drummer was smiling uncontrollably almost dancing behind the drum kit. The bass was very powerful and the vocals sounded very bright within the venue. It's one of the stronger tracks on the bands album. The Dream Pop sound is heard, at times I felt like falling over and just sleeping, but I tried my hardest to pay attention as this was the most exciting performance of the day ....who wants to see McFly performing a headline slot? Not I.

Half of the set featured songs from the bands album, both 'Composure' and 'Undertow' were met with applause and drunken smiles as the audience began to pile in. 'Undertow' has a great sounding guitar riff which sounds like a light, brighter Nirvana track. The mellow mood was a little too much for me as I began to close my eyes. I didn't fall asleep though, the track managed to spark a bit of energy inside me when the final few minutes picked up with vigorous guitar work and light percussion.

'Burgundy' began the Exquisite Corpse EP material, with delicate guitar work and well played drumming, the reverb struck a chord with me as the vocals were very quiet as intended. This was one of the stand out tracks of thr show, the song picked up and the drumming increased as vocal harmonies swayed like the Dream Pop guitars did previously. It led the path for the vocal brilliance of 'Beetles', with swear words coming from all members at different points and sexy movements by the guitarists and bass guitarist. The vocals sound child like and with the further reverb created with the venue, they sounded eerie and at times terrestrial as the lyrics "Let's get naked" scream out in a packed, dark venue.

The magnum opus of Warpaint's material is the track 'Elephants', with a great guitar riff which is repeated throughout the song, but not looped. It has great dynamics and features very good vocal work. it features many different variations and speed, the song speeds up and slows down every few verses, I wouldn't even call them verses to be honest, the lack of structure is exciting as the song ends on with the repeated riff and suddenly stops to great applause.

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