Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dimlite - Grimm Reality

I have never heard any music by Dimlite before, this album is the first of his music I have been exposed to. Dimlite is a project by the swiss producer Dimitri Grimm. After first listening to this album, I found it extremely difficult to place it in a specific genre. It is unlike any music I have ever listened to before. I guess we can classify it as ambient, space jazz and experimental jazz.

I attend a weekly jazz jam at a local coffee house which has jazz students from my college playing experimental music together live and this album reminds me of their sound a lot. The creatively textured and groovy drums that vary with the slappy bass give this album a jazzy feel. There is a layer of dreamy space textures over the jazzy bottom layer, which makes the listen feel as though they are floating in through space on an adventure.

Each song has its own characteristics and identity which set it apart from the other. Some tracks have a more ambient feel, like “Yes, Welcome” and “Through the Grimms / Stars Down”, while others would fit nicely being played at some sort of weird avant-garde jazz dance club, like “Blur, Blur, Blur, Blur” and “New, Better Pain” and “One Of Uh Infinity's Countless Uh Tiny Cycles”. “Random Healing Tyrant”’s dissonant bass gives the almost sweet sounding song a darker twist, which I love. While there are different feels for the songs, the album has a consistent style and character which unify all twelve tracks into one collective work that makes sense.

An aspect that amazes me about this album is that each song seems very mobile: the movements in the song change fast and cleanly. I don’t see any sloppy transitions. Dimitri Grimm seems to know what he is doing, musically. The jazz percussion leads the way for the song to move onto a new chapter in its musical journey, each song is like a good adventure novel about space travel.

I feel like all audiences wouldn’t accept this album like I do. If you are into super catchy indie pop like I am typically drawn to, then you may not like this album. If you are looking for an album to experience instead of simply listen to, then this might be right up your ally.


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