Thursday, 5 January 2012

For a Minor Reflection - EP

Back in 2010, For a Minor Reflection released there second studio album. It was well received by the minority cult fanbase (including myself). I reviewed it, giving it a score above eight. Since that album was released almost two years ago, the band have been working on there third studio album which is set for release in mid 2012. So this EP is the pre release and it gives the listener something to look forward to, it does exactly this.

The opener, 'Ephermeron', starts with a beautiful little piano riff, leading into sparse drumming and heavier, louder piano playing. Soundscapes shine through as the strings eventually enter, it becomes clear this is an opener and could well be the opener for the third album. It does build up nicely but has no real bang or ending other than the segue into the following track. 

'Recite' has a brilliant bass riff to begin the track. At this point it sounds like Parachutes era Coldplay, before the brass and strings make another appearance with the heavier drums and reverbed guitar. This track is far more louder and melodic than the previous, sounding very heavy yet dreamy. The first half is a build up with arpeggio piano and loud string arrangements, before the electric guitar comes in. The guitar features a good level of distortion, it's not too overpowering. This is a lovely track and has a lovely downtempo section with Lot's of reverb and delay before the guitar again comes in, vigorously this time. The hard hitting drums and layered guitar give it a heavy rock feel.

This EP is built around the track 'Impulse'. it features a very eerie light electric guitar riff and atmospheric soundscapes follow with the high noted guitars and heavy drumming. The kick is timed to perfection and the guitar work here is much heavier than Recite. Could well be the heaviest the band have actually gone, Lot's of distortion and layers give it a third wave Post-Rock feel. Very much alike Post 2000 Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky. You have to love this sound, I'm a big fan of all three of these bands and this track just elevates For a Minor Reflection as a recording artist. It's still a shock that they haven't been picked up by a label yet. I'm almost certain they will eventually come out strong in the following years to this album.

It ends with 'Revive' in the same style it opened, melodic, beautiful piano arrangements built over reverb effects and eerie guitar work. This track has a consistent drum beat which is exaggerated at different points during the songs seven minute duration. We hear the same structure as the opener Ephermeron, with the same piano, but with further eerie atmosphere and a slowed down tempo. Hard hitting drums and slow paced guitar work is also heard during the later half of the song, with horn arrangements and light string arrangements. The instrument to note is always the rhythm guitar which shines bright in all of For a Minor Reflections recordings. The EP does end well with the opening piano riff which the listener hears at the beginning. It's a very strong EP and the production value is much higher than the previous recordings. It's a good sign of things to come.


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