Sunday, 8 January 2012

Math And Physics Club - Math And Physics Club

While I did not enjoy studying physics in high school, I do enjoy the Math and Physics Club. Instead of being over complex and giving me a headache, the music is very soft, simple, and pleasant. Math and Physics Club has been labelled as “music to hold hands to”, and that is certainly correct.

My initial impression of their self-titled album is that I have heard this sound before. Their music is very similar to that of The Decemberists with acoustic strings, piercing pipe organ, and organic drumming textures. The vocals sound as though they are trying to sound like Belle and Sebastian. In fact, Math and Physics Club vocalist Charles Bert sounds very similar to Stuart Murdoch to me. Overall, their feel is very lax, cute, and easy to listen to.

Although this music sounds very unoriginal to me, I personally enjoy the lyrics. “April Showers” is probably the cutest song on the album. They sing, “There's no place I'd rather be, than with you right next to me, huddled up under my umbrella, though the rain keeps falling down”. I adore the romantic quality of all their songs on this album.

While the lyrics are generally pleasant and adorable, I find some of them weak. For example, in the song “La La La Lisa”, the chorus is just repeating “Lisa, la la la la la la Lisa” over and over again. Though it is catchy and the melody is nice, I feel like they only used this as their chorus because they couldn’t come up with anything else to sing.

“Such a Simple Plan” stands out to me as one of the more mature songs on the album. I like the use of cello and orchestral strings throughout the song, this adds to its dimension. The rhyming pattern is not as square in this track. They took more consideration for the sound of the words instead of only the rhyming pattern; " She's finally alone, She never really thought about the consequences of falling in love, but she hides her eyes as the tears come tumbling out”. This song reminds me of Belle and Sebastian the most.

I would suggest this album to any twee folk, indie pop, or acoustic music. If you are looking for a band with a completely original and novel sound, I would not suggest Math and Physics Club. For easy listening and catchy love songs, this may be the album for you.
~ Mary

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