Thursday, 5 January 2012

Steve Aoki - Wonderland

Steve Aoki is a Los Angeles based millionaire (DJ). He owns a very successful Electronic record label entitled Dim Dak Records. The current artists are not very successful, but the previous roster includes Battles, Bloc Party and The Kills. This is Aoki's second studio album after the 2008 club hit mix debut called 'Pillowcase and His Airplane Chronicles'. This album follows the same patter of music style which I will bore your eyes with in the following paragraph.

So this is a record full of dance music. Straightforward, bland dance music. Steve Aoki is a DJ and has many big names backing his artistic image. We have guest spots for Rivers Cuomo and Travis Barker. We even get to hear Kid Cudi. It's one thing releasing a Dance album with several big name artists, but it's something different when you do this completely wrong. Steve Aoki, has done this completely wrong. He may believe this is strong, 'good' music. But to you, me and every other non Radio friendly clubber from 1991, this is utter shite.

We have tracks from these guests who just lend there vocals over a simple synthesized computer beat. This sums up the album, it's just 10 tracks with Electronic beats which sound exactly the same with some slight differences, but people like this. I mean, come on.. Do you seriously want to heat these songs by Aoki when LMFAO, Katy Perry and every other mainstream artist is releasing exactly the same material every week. I for one do not.

The beats are extremely repetitive to the average human being.. But!!!!! If you're into clubbing and gym work, this is the album for you. I can totally see this album being played in every gym around the globe, it just has that feel. The simplistic and bland beats allows room for the expensive synthesized instrumentation's. The production is very good, but what do you expect when the label is funded by a millionaire. The opener 'Earthquakey People' is embarrassing. The terrible high pitched vocals and (lack of) progressive beat leave a gaping ache on my hearing. The build ups are unoriginal every time, they all have that same run up on the electronic snare drum which my mate Dave could make on FL-Studio in under two minutes.

Every track has the same style and build up, just with different guest vocalists. LMFAO lend there horrible vocals on the track 'Livin My Love'. Nothing can be said constructively about this track because.. AIDS. My opinion sticks with the following track 'Control Freak'.. AIDS, AIDS everywhere. This is just wrong me reviewing this 'album'. it's not even an official album to be quite honest, it's a mixtape for clubs, DJ's and gym's. I'll just leave it at that...


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