Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Social Ignition - The Social Igniton

The Social Ignition are a nine piece ska/reggae outfit from Hinckley, Leicestershire. They have a heavy funk influence and focus on 'ska-punk' as a fixed genre. This isn't an album, it's more of a pre-release/demo/handout. I have my signed copy and keep it in my car, for when Neutral Milk Hotel and Radiohead take a well deserved break from the player. 2-Tone ska is located several miles down the road in nearby Coventry. Grebo is located several miles in the opposite direction, Leicester. If you're not familiar with the Leicester 'grebo' bands, I suggest surfing the Internet, you might find something worthwhile. Check out Gaye Bikers On Acid and tell me I'm wrong. 

I've seen this band about nine times in the past year, I'm not exaggerating. Their music can get a little repetitive, but it's quite quirky and blends genres well. So we have nine tracks here, one of which is hidden at the end. 'Last Laugh' has a splendid horn section and flowing bass which just takes the track forward. The drumming is compact and has been recorded well. It's sounds flat, but does have brilliant breaks and cymbal sounds. The horns are a real standout, which is a common occurrence for The Social Ignition both in the studio and live. 'Game We Play' has a similar bass riff and the reverberated guitar enters with the obligatory 'chuka-chuka'. The chorus is lovely and the final few minutes are bright, showcasing a different time signature and improved horns. 

'Can't Catch Us' has a great melody, but passes before it begins. 'Milkshake' is the computerized reggae track with straight forward guitar and bass. 'Keep On It' has a beautiful horn section and the song structure is spectacular. One of the few things I can pick at and moan about is the song introductions. They all start in the same fashion, with the rising bass and slight horn intro. I'm not a fan because it lacks variety and musicianship in my opinion. 

The last few tracks are definitely the most melodic and pleasing. 'Situations' is what I expect, lovely bass and has a brilliant stricture. 'Bulltets' is a crowd pleaser and has the same musical aspects as every other track, apart from the rhythm guitar which stands out. Sections seem lost and vague, but the lyrics standout. The final track is the most melancholy and ear catching track on the album. The opening buildup is welcomed and the descending musical section of the horns and fast paced guitar work (and Harmonica) set the track alight. The vocal echoes and atmospheric support vocals standout. it's a fun and energetic track and fades nicely for the hidden track which is another fun filled number with plenty of drunken references and melodic vocals.


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