Sunday, 4 March 2012

Track Review: The Magnetic Fields - Andrew In Drag

The Magnetic Fields release their 10th studio album tomorrow (5th March). It's been several years since they released an album on Domino Records and the same amount of time since they last used synthesizers in their musical output. Is it welcomed? Kind of, Kind of. 'Andrew In Drag' is a lovely pop song about the transsexual referred to as Andrew. If you're name is Andrew and you like The Magnetic Fields, it's your lucky day (you must also be gay).

I won't link the official video because YouTube found it necessary to stick 'sexual content' over it which is absolutely ridiculous. The track opens with a brilliant synthesizer buildup and the acoustic guitar sits expectantly on the left as the right sided synth drum beat plays it's part once again like it did all those years ago. Stephin Merritt sings perfectly, with a big emphasis on his vocal drone. The lyrics are not 'tacky' like some would label it, but more comical and joyful. It's an interesting track and the sexual aspects only boost it's popularity among fans. 

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