Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Track Review: Best Coast - The Only Place

Best Coast released their debut album 'Crazy For You' almost two years ago. It was summertime, it was 2010 and there was a cat on the album cover. Bethany Cosentino focused her writing on relationships, and that's pretty much it.. ALBUM II must surely be the light she's been looking for over the past few years. It's time for her to forget the romance and focus on something imaginative and submissive. She should look deep into her heart and personality and create a record of pure philosophy with surf rock riffs and lo-fi recording. 'The Only Place' is the title track and first single from the upcoming Best Coast album. Bethany has focused her lyrics on her location, California. I instantly notice a twee pop vibe and a happier feel rather than the sunset progressions and closed views of Crazy For You. Her lyrics are ultimately awful and easy to digest, but I wasn't expecting Leonard Cohen. The lo-fi seems to have disappeared momentarily giving the vocals a clean and crisp sound which is interesting because I like and enjoy her vocals hear. It's much more mature in terms of sound and progressions amidst the lyrics and basic guitar structure.

This track is an ode to California with delightful happiness and clear admiration of the sunshine state. The album cover pretty much sums Best Coast up, animal, California, simplistic and clear. You're not listening to Best Coast because you want to hear deep confessional stories of depression, you're here to have fun. I'm actually excited for their new album, I can't wait to listen. It's an improvement and for me, it will come down to the lyrics. This track will have to be one of two/three with lyrics focusing on California, but I hope Bethany goes beyond her location and digs deep.

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