Sunday, 15 April 2012

Track Review: Madonna - Give Me All Your Luvn'

Its not often I want to punch somebody in the face whilst listening to their music. Madonna qualifies, congratulations, you made the 'death list'. Madonna is over the age of 50 and styles herself as a 35ish year old model who is pure, innocent and an idol. In fact, she's not any of these things realistically. Take away the thousands, literally thousands of dollars spent on hair, face, nails.. Beauty and you have a post-middle age bitch with a half decent voice and long legs which are always covered for clear reasons of age. She's not pure or innocent, read her bio or take a trip to the Madonna wiki and see that long list of men. This track then, it's just a typical pop track if you want me to be honest. The lyrics are horrible and that was expected, the worst parts are when Nicki Minaj enters and spits her bullshit in her repetitive style. M.I.A does enter and gives a little bit of her 'swag', but the worst  piece of material ever conceived by a women comes shortly after, when Madonna sings, "Don’t play the stupid game, cause I’m a different kind of girl. Every record sounds the same, you’ve got to step into my world." I'm not sure if it's supposed to be ironic.. But Jesus, are you kidding me Madonna?

Now in the past, Madonna has released bits and bobs of decent material, such as 2005's 'Hung Up'. 2012 is a new era of music, it's not designed for the faint, singers with little to none modern styles. Madonna is old news, she can't keep advertising to the younger audience because they're not interested. Times have changed and artists adapt to change, Madonna is still swallowed in the pop world of the 80's, and she needs to snap out of it before it destroys what 'image' she has left, sorry Jake.

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