Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Track Review: Sin Fang - Only Eyes

Sin Fang is the solo project of Seabear Creator and front man Sindri Már Sigfússon. Somewhat of an Icelandic journeyman, Sindri mixes blissful folk music with modern alternative rock music and adds indie pop to the mix alike Belle & Sebastian and Of Montreal. Sin Fang started off as Sin Fang Bous, releasing the debut album 'Clangour' on local Icelandic record label Morr Music in 2009. Sindi then dropped the 'Bous' and released two singles and his second album 'Summer Echoes' in March 2011. He has now reached his creative path and is set to release his EP 'Half Dreams' in May 2012. The single from that EP is Only Eyes, which is the track we'll be listening to.

Its kind of a music faux paus to listen to Icelandic music just for the reason of listening to Icelandic music, to be edgy, or obscure, or cool.. The list continues. I'm an avid listener of many Icelandic artists from Seabear to the many exciting new exports such as For a Minor Reflection. It seems Sin Fang has his place within the local music scene and the global scene with this sophisticated indie pop sound that manages to combine the sound of Sufjan Stevens and Belle & Sebastian. The track is a short two minute banger with chirpy instrumentation and very catchy lyrics delivered with great happiness and vocal skill by Sindri. The drumming is a real standout and the track lives to fit with the oncoming summer months. This EP will be enjoyable if the other material is as structured and as summery as this one. Good things are still to come from Sindri Már Sigfússon.

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