Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Pop Corner: Rye Rye - Go! Pop! Bang!

This... Is... Kind of good? Wait, no... I don't know, no... Yeah, maybe... Wait!!! hmm, this is the music made for Zane Lowe's voice over career. Rye Rye is the pseudonym for Ryeisha Berrain from Baltimore. Momentum has been picking up since 2009's debut single 'Bang', which featured none other than M.I.A, who signed Rye Rye to her record label N.E.E.T (which is in connection with Interscope). Rye Rye toured with M.I.A, recorded a few independent songs, including the aforementioned Bang with M.I.A. Her music career stalled when she became pregnant, which meant her album was pushed back. This setback has created problems because music has moved forward, M.I.A has moved backwards, to be honest... And Rye Rye finds herself knocking on 'Pop's' door looking for famed writer and producer RedOne to take control of her music - ticking the boxes, selling her soul, destroying raw talent, etc.

Sharing song credits is ultimately giving away your credibility as an artist. It's like stating you’re not good enough to be in the hands of your own material. Rye Rye has moved from being in a well-regarded position to a position that's laughable, just like the endless talentless hacks spat out of television shows like X Factor, Pop Idol and now The Voice. 'Drop' has some respectable moments of hip-hop and dance, but the pop structure and recycled beat takes over pretty suddenly. 'Holla Holla' has some infuriating lyrics. Mentioning the common, but extremely frustrating "swag" / "holla holla" etc. The bass is nice and heavy, unfortunately the track falls down on its standard instrumental and simplistic structure. Rye Rye falls further and further away from her respectful position with 'DNA'. Porcelain Black makes an appearance singing on the chorus. The chorus is bog standard pop with little melody or 'catchy' sounds, think Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, just without the 17 year old girls going crazy, as Rye Rye is rather unknown to the abnormal Radio One listening machine.

'Crazy Bitch' has Akon delivering the vocal on the chorus. If you’re living in 2022 or unfamiliar with Akon, he released the annoyingly catchy 'Lonely' back in 2005. A standard acoustic guitar is used as the focal point, with a well-produced beat. It’s not hip-hop, and it's not exactly pop (except the chorus) it's R&B. Akon plays his part and is arguably the best thing to come out of this album. 'Hotter' has a lovely beat and the bass takes over towards the repetitive refrain of "keep it cool whilst the record spins" / "It's getting hot in here, It's getting hot." Rye Rye raps nicely, however her accent and volume of speaking is incredibly difficult to interpret. What's the point of this music if you can't even understand the lyrics. It's a mix between pop and hip-hop with standard beats and messy vocals. 

M.I.A's produced 'Sunshine' makes Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' seem even more fake and inappropriate. I'm talking about the melody, which has Gaga pretty much taking the progressions of Sunshine (from 2008) and turning it to gold. Side note, it would be interesting to go back and see how much 'fame' Gaga would have picked up if she didn’t look like a twat. Yes, Sunshine... M.I.A sings the delayed and reverberated chorus which has a very friendly happy melody, with Rye Rye rapping furiously on the verse. This track is the real focus on the album, and has the best Rye Rye vocals, and the best produced beat which M.I.A carefully produced without the need of extreme bass and basic snare drums. Disappointment increases with the following track 'Boom Boom'. I can't stress how annoyed I am listening to this. Words cannot describe my hate, for this track... But I can try. People living below the poverty line, deserve a shared profit of this song, because it's so bad. All the prostitutes deserve a grant from Interscope, because they authorized this songs release. Vengaboys, deserve to be mad, because this song is completely meaningless and has no artistic concept. Boom Boom ultimately takes a Vengaboys chorus recycles that with a horrifying Ke$ha instrumental and lyrics that make me crave for something intellectual. It's not bad, it's awful. Awful doesn’t show my hatred for this track, I physically need to show you how shit this track is.

'Better Than You' has been hovering around for a while and takes sampling and the use of M.I.A to improve the stature of the track. The beat is the best on the album and has Rye Rye rap clearly with an excellent vocal style. 'Never Will Be Mine' takes Rye Rye to the 90's with club music of Ibiza and the use of Robyn at her disposal. Robyn sings the chorus and the trance instrumental comes in with a thrilling beat and Rye Rye rapping over a light drum pattern and synth drone. Robyn steals the show with her brilliant vocals. 'Dance' is an improvement with Rye Rye rapping magnificently well. The chorus is again, pretty standard and annoying and repetitious, but the verses make up for this. 'Shake Twist Drop' has legendary production team The Neptune’s at the helm. M.I.A would be proud of this beat because it sounds like a Kala B-side. The little bits make up for the minimal vocal by Rye Rye who finds herself in lost territory on this track. It's unusual for an album to twist and turn like this. Rye Rye goes from horrific lyrics to excellent lyrics. Instrumentals go from excellent to terrible, back to excellent then to terrible again. This is more of a compilation mix tape than a studio album, because this isn’t a usual process for an album. Many years of recording, producing and childbirth has aged this album even before it's had a chance. I thoroughly believe Rye Rye would have been on top of the game, had she surfaced in 2009. It's a shame she's beginning to come out in a time of trance pop songs under the Nicki Minaj era. This album is disappointing to say the least.



  1. Interesting how the record can look from certain viewpoints...Rye Rye was not focused on making a crtically acclaimed album....her focus was on making "fun" dance music which she pulled off amazingly....Her age bracket isn't interested in their fathers music....maybe you shouldn't crtique Pop music since it infuriates you so much

  2. I can see your point, and I can see why you may think she's focussed on making that kind of dance music. Never Will Be Mine is great for that, but the rest wouldn’t cut it on a dance floor, no way. It has its hip-hop elements, but it was far too poppy. I don't usually review pop music, it’s not my job.. I just wanted to do Rye Rye because I knew her from a few years back. For the record lol, I have complete opposite taste to my Dad, my Mum and just about anybody else on this planet. Heck, my parents don't even have 'taste' in anything.

    Thanks for the comment :)