Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Track Review: Animal Collective - Gotham

Conveniently placed with its abrasive counterpart Honeycomb, Gotham springs elegance and harmony to mind. The five minute track is blissful and has a magnificent array of layers which are put to good use. The percussion is refreshing and sounds organic, with hints of tribal influences. One word springs to mind when listening to this, Soulful. The splendid vocals are behind a wall of effects, but even further behind that wall is the sweet dynamic vocals of Animal Collective. Gotham is melancholy in various aspects but mostly relaxed and straightforward without the need to 'blow out', as they sometimes have done in the past.

Peaceful musical breaks and Motown-esque vocal progressions give this song a glint of sadness. Surprising for a summer release, but it does sound very wintery and cold, that's the impression I'm getting from listening to this. The best thing about this track is it never gets boring, I can listen over and over again and I just want to keep on listening. The guitar progression and song structure works. It's a delightful squeezed in track after the loops and bloops of Honeycomb, and a perfect end to the single release. Not many Animal Collective songs have this effect on me, but the personal musicianship and instrumentation layers form up to create an amazing platform of sound. It's deserves to end like it does, with a simplistic 50's/60's styled drum pattern.

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