Sunday, 20 May 2012

Track Review: Doldrums - Egypt

Egypt is the lead single from Doldrums upcoming 12 inch, Egypt. June will see the rise of Canadian electronic artist Doldrums, who is set to play the three day festival Dot To Dot, and release his first single on Souterrain Transmissions. There's a lot of excitement brewing around the blogosphere with major publications picking up on Doldrums in the past few weeks, both Stereogum and Pitchfork have written articles about this upcoming release.

This Doldrums track is very cosmopolitan, fresh and unique. The vocals are beautiful with an eerie, multi-layered effect of audible reverb.  The instrumentation reminds me of early Animal Collective mixed with The Chemical Brothers. Doldrums live perfrmances have escalated from a one man band, to a full-fledged live experience - as seen at SXSW. Watching this video gives you a greater understanding of the amount of energy produced by Doldrums and how the vocals are created. One thing to note about this track is the brilliant tribal percussion and the spotless production. The beats change, the vocals whoosh in and out, dynamic changes come into effect and the seven minutes of Doldrums passes without recollection of seven minutes. This is an utter jam, it's unpredictable and it's a highlight in Doldrums career to date. Look out for more Doldrums tracks in coming months.

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