Thursday, 17 May 2012

Track Review: Gold Panda - Mountain

Gold Panda, Mountain. Intro music. Another release by Gold Panda, you know what that means don't you? Album two. It’s been two years since Lucky Shiner was released, and two years of playing 'Marriage' and 'You' on repeat. Two years, of waiting for more IDM/electronica material to fill my brain. We know him for his imaginative compositions which mix ambience with folktronica, with all the abnormal beats and bass for glitch music. His Akai MPC has been used vigorously to create these tracks of freedom, expression and oriental exposure. 

Swirling white noise turns to gold as the organic drum beat enters. The uncharacteristic beat is high on the treble and has tribal aspects. The layered instrumentation surrounds this beat as the track begins to build up. Orchestral changes and reverberated drums smash together to create this dimensional sound, octaves change and a second drum beat occurs with even more bass which takes over the track. It’s not so much heavy bass, more of a bass that affects the overall sound of the track by lowering its volume on the beat. This track is unpredictable, it's oriental and it’s modern. Gold Panda remains strong going into his second studio album with this release.

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