Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Track Review: Novella - Don't Believe Ayn Rand

After releasing their debut single 'The Things You Do' on Dirty Bingo Records in 2011, Novella began planning their debut EP. The all-female trio were formed in Brighton, later moving to London, where many of their live performances have taken place (with a drummer). They draw modest audiences to gaze upon their dreamy sets such as the recent Camden Crawl in London, support slots with Unknown Mortal Orchestra at XOYO, Veronica Falls, Dum Dum Girls and a slot at this year’s Great Escape Festival in hometown Brighton. Their self-titled EP will be released later this month (May 28th on Italian Beach Babes), upon which they'll be swiftly moving forward and further towards that lucrative and imperceivable record deal with 4AD.

Like fellow 2012 breakthrough act Trailer Trash Tracy's, Novella take 80's/90's alternative rock citation on their music. Galaxie 500, Spacemen 3, Guided By Voices, My Bloody Valentine and the 4AD phenomenon’s all come through when listening to Novella, and their influences are clearly notified. The simplistic guitar structure comes across sweetly with the funky bass and the well recorded drums, with Broadcast-esque low fidelity and vocals. The verse isn’t spectacular in the slightest, with very chaotic progressions and repetitive riffs, however the chorus changes everything. The track takes a major turn and disintegrates into the late 80's dream pop sound; I'm hearing Slowdive and Cranes. And what a magnificent sound this is, It's truly stunning and deserves its weight in acclaim. Child-like eerie vocals enter, "you are not alone now..." / "Ayn Rand, she's lost control." The chaos and sheer power of the course somehow shapes the following verse into something melancholy, something understandable and clear, even if the tempo proves differently. The 20 second guitar solo doesn’t drive the song forward or take centre stage, it simply adds to the shoegazing sound and acts as the final verse before the explosive layers and heavy drumming takes shape for the final coup de gras. It would be unfair for me to talk about the lyrical content without reading the lyrics sheet, because like many releases in this field, the vocals are very hard to interpret, however I want to because with a title like 'Don't Believe Ayn Rand ', questions are going to be asked. Nonetheless, fantastic track and undeniably one of the freshest tracks I've heard so far this year. Time will only tell, but as for now... Novella is an artist to be watched.

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