Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Track Review: The Antlers - Drift Drive

Three years have passed since the critically credited 'cult' album Hospice turned heads and brought tears to many. The Antlers are still an exciting prospect, and a continuous release schedule only emphasizes their desire to astonish audiences worldwide. Not much has been said about The Antlers since last years Burst Apart, but we do know that a four track EP will be released, July 24th, with 'head' 'single' Drift Drive topping the independent radio's B list. They sure have drifted away from that self-righteous depressive- turned uplifting rollercoaster of indie rock/dream pop literal anthems. Frenchkiss Records can only do so much for the Brooklyn trio, with Epitaph Records subdivision ANTI- releasing this EP.

If Burst Apart was an indication of freedom and expression, then Drift Drive is an indication of satisfaction. Front man Peter Silberman had his years of darkness, pre-Hospice. It doesn't take a genius to declare Mr. Silberman 'content'. The track is layered with sophisticated guitar reverb and the ever-impressive falsetto vocal, delivered with ease. This track is a walk in the park, a sea breeze... A dynamic, Icelandic, drift. Their layers of synthesized sound is a guarantee, and it would not be The Antlers without some revisited high pitched sounds and guitar swooshes. Hospice was no doubt, a winter album. Burst Apart came off as a somewhat showery Autumn album. Without listening to the rest of Undersea, I cannot be certain, but I would say... Summer, for this cataclysmic turn of direction.

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