Thursday, 12 July 2012

The News: Chris Moyles

Ladies and gentleman, we have some good news... Don't we. We do indeed, because the United Kingdom will be without Chris Moyles on the Radio One breakfast show from this September. Now, I know Chris Moyles has his haters. I know he's been involved in plenty of controversies with sexism, homophobia and generally being a twat... But he's, yeah he's just a joker isn't he. To the intelligent considerate gentleman of society, Chris Moyles is nothing but a useless annoying dickhead. This may be libelous, but I know many people, and the majority of these people think he's a useless annoying dickhead, so we'll go with that.

BBC Radio One has become nothing but a joke in the mornings. The station has become laughable, and not because Chris Moyles is funny, but because he's ridiculously un-professional and ill-mannered. Radio One isn't a bad radio station, it really isn't. The late night shows are filled with exciting new music which are generally considered 'obscure' by the prime time listening chart show teenagers. Those late night presenters are actually DJ's, where as Chris Moyles is basically a man that tells his producer to play any track from the A-list. John Peel is a name that pops up a lot when talking about Radio One. It's also a name that pops up here on Music Review Database. He's known for his exquisite selection of music, backing the unknown and brilliant artists which may not have found an outlet if it wasn't for his airplay. Literally hundreds of artists owe their careers to John Peel because of his selective and subjective airplay.

Chris Moyles does what he's told, in the vaguest way possible, so to speak. He selects tracks which are popular not because he wants to, but because he has to. His taste in music is questionable at times. In his statement on Radio One, he mentioned what his show was all about. He then continued to say "Let's play some music." If you like chart music, then fair enough. Listen in and enjoy your day, go for it. For the people that are reluctant to follow reality TV show winners and pop idol stars, or if you actually have a brain that strives for something out of the ordinary, then the Chris Moyles show isn't for you. It's time for a new chapter of British radio. Free form will not takeover the breakfast show, that's almost guaranteed. When you have a listenership of 7/8 million, you give them what they desire. Right now, the monotonous, simplistic, dull, average, boring audience and general population of Great Britain want to be spoon fed pop music. Something Chris Moyles has done for eight and a half years.

As he leaves his post as General Twat of the mornings, a newcomer arrives. The person brought in to replace the loud mouthed and foul mouthed northerner, is another northerner who goes by the name Nick Grimshaw. Right. Journalists and others have been writing about Nick's appointment like a wild fire. The question that I've noticed the most has been 'Can Nick Grimshaw Make Radio One Cool?'. Jesus Christ, how sad can you be... I'm 20 and I still don't know what cool is. I think it means being popular, or just not following trends?? If so.. My music taste is cool, right? Anyway.. So Nick will be the new Radio One breakfast show presenter. I'm sure he can bring in some insightful ideas, respectable new music and plenty of American guests, but his music taste still isn't all that spectacular. 'Music is subjective' and opinions are personal and differ per person, of course. Nick Grimshaw will bring the 'indie kids' back to waking up slightly earlier than usual. Fashion will be a big talking point, and so will The Cribs and The Drums. His London chums will make guest appearances and they'll talk about everything trendy, and the youth will love it.

Regardless of presenter, the breakfast show is the biggest job in British radio. Nick Grimshaw has been handed the job because Radio One need to appeal to a younger audience. That's all it is really. Grimmy and gang will do their thing whilst Chris Moyles does some bricklaying or something. Chris Moyles is a comedic broadcaster who has spent many years entertaining many. He's won over Mothers and commuters, failing to appeal to the youth.

Nick Grimshaw likes X Factor, One Direction and some pop music. He takes over from Chris Moyles in September. Oh and remember to listen to BBC Radio Two, it has much better music... Or listen to a CD in your car.

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