Thursday, 12 July 2012

Track Review: Blur - Under The Westway

Blur return with their first single since 2010's 'Fools Day'. You should already be aware of Blur's upcoming Olympic ceremony closing event in Hyde Park in one month time, well this single has been released just in time for them to debut material. Blur's return two years ago was the first of many exciting reunions. Several headline shows at festivals have put Blur firmly back in peoples minds, with an eighth album in the mix. 

'Under The Westway' is one if the sweetest Blur songs to date. The trickling piano played by front man Damon Albarn is melancholy, with an eerie atmosphere. You can hear the delicate percussion and a thumping electronic beat. Graham Coxon does his usual on guitar, playing gently and in his own zone. There's no animations, guest stars or fast paced drum machines. It's quite simply Blur, with Damon's sweet, velvet lyrical touch. The Westway has become the focus of a number of Blur songs now. It is infact a dual carriageway which runs through London. This is of course a sad sounding song, with Damon right in the centre of it all, as per usual. The instrumentation is pretty standard, except that electronic beat. I think Blur just want something simple, enjoyable and straight forward. And this track covers everything, including the closing ceremony for the Olympics. 

The Westway has received plenty of cultural coverage over the years. The Clash used satire on their magnificent magnum opus London Calling, "I'm up and down the Westway, in and out the lights. What a great traffic system, it's so bright. I can't think of a better way to spend the night, than speeding around underneath the yellow lights." Pete Doherty has also name dropped the infamous East London carriageway. This track signifies Blur's return. It won't be long until that eight album is released. melancholy, sadness and realism... Blur are back!

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