Sunday, 1 July 2012

Track Review: The I.D - A Bigger Picture

The I.D or THE I.D as their Soundcloud suggests, return with another single. A few months ago they released 'Age Anti Age'; The mysterious formations of post-punk and it's surrounding seating of genres galore. Age Anti Age was swarmed with bright and imaginative lyrics, with a catchy chorus which caught the listeners ear. The path they take is entirely up to them. The 'post-punk revival' scene is always in need of a kick up the backside, and with fellow 'big' sounding artists like White Lies excelling commercially, then why shouldn't The I.D.

Is 'A Bigger Picture' a step forward? If I'm honest, I don't know. The drumming isnt as prominent, and the layers of guitar add little effect over the precision bass and Harry McVeigh-esque vocals. It has to be said that none of these things are bad, however it does make me think twice about the quality of originality here. The band setup is great and the four lads seem to have the right dynamic, yet A Bigger Picture doesnt fully win me over just yet. The distinguishable variations on Age Anti Age are magnificent, in contrast to A Bigger Pictures more straight forward and reverb reliant second single. The final guitar segments of this track sound great with the effects and the secondary guitar comes in at just the right moment to see off the track. The I.D are definaerly worth watching... Remember that Gary Powell of The Libertines is a key figure behind the scenes, releasing this single on his very own Duchamp Records... I feel they should simply be called 'I.D'

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