Friday, 13 July 2012

Track Review: The Killers - Runaways

The Killers are one of those 'used to be' bands. Formed in Las Vegas after singer Brandon Flowers saw Oasis live. Pretty much sums them up to be honest. I can't offend The Killers fanbase... I can't offend The Killers fanbase... Yeah. They'll always be in my memory for partaking in the 2005 - 2008 indie rock NME storm in Britain. Hot Fuss was released and my god, people ate it up. Plenty of singles were releases among the filler. Among all of these was 'All These Things That I've Done', the rock ballad. It's still liked and listened to regularly to this day and will always be the best and most enjoyed track by The Killers. Sam's Town did have some decent material, Day & Age was atrocious. That brings us to present day The Killers!!! 2012, and their Fourth album. 'Runaways' being one of the singles expected to top charts, or something.

Runaways sounds incredibly outdated. 1980's power pop, Queen and AIDS.. Just some of the things the world could of done without. Brandon Flowers sounds like a synth pop diva singing clearly, in comparison to his early career of spitting, with distortion. The guitars are very simplistic here. The lyrics are 'lovely' and 'sweet'.. Sure. This has pop written all over it. I never really took a liking to The Killers in 2005 and I'm certainly not going to start liking this music now am I. Runaways does have this catchy feel to it, I'll admit. It just doesn't serve any purpose for me. The guitars are far too basic, the instrumentation needs to be stripped down with effects taken away and replaced with something authentic. This is like Maroon 5, not the 'I want to be in a rock band like Oasis' Brandon Flowers. 

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