Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Track Review: Marika Hackman - You Come Down

We don't have enough folk. There, I said it. Singer-songwriters are becoming few and far between. The few folky singer-songwriters are heavily relying on 'rock', so they can appeal to wider audiences. PJ Harvey is a great example of this. Marika Hackman joins the lost of female folk artists heading towards a sturdy and moderately successful career, joining Lucy Rose in the process. This isn't the first Marika Hackman track to surface. A track entitled 'Here I Lie' was a featured track by Burberry earlier in the year. Now it's time for her debut double A-side single, You Come Down and Mountain Spines.

'You Come Down' is full of life. I can comprehend comparisons with fellow authentic folk vocalist Vashti Bunyan, who still leads a life of music. The vocals are layered carefully and the echoes are delicate. Strings are utilized, being implemented within the structure. The most ear catching moment is the introduction of bass and Marika's multi-layered earthly vocal. The percussion isn't too loud, too quiet or too distant, it's just right. This is an impressive track by an ever improving artist, good things are to come from Marika Hackman, I can assure you of that.