Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Track Review: The People's Temple - Looter's Game

RocknRoll!!! Yeah! wooaaah. I saw this band live like, 12 days ago, and boy did they rock. They rocked so hard, they made Veronica Falls look like four fashion designer students / depressed kids at school. The People's Temple are not a band on many peoples music players. They're not one for the charts or for the coffee shops of the USA. 60's Psych is their forte, and if they existed in the 60's, I'm sure they would have as much attention as The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, you name it. With a studio album under their belt and another one on the way, it's a good time to be listening to The Peoples Temple. That plus the fact that it's July, and this is summer music. It's good for combating the anti-happy sadcore bands of November - February. 

The People's Temple manage to squeeze in an incredible amount of rock music in just a couple of minutes. The bass sounds great and has a The Creations-esque vibe. The simplistic guitar work and vocal effects really do put The People's Temple somewhere else, not just in a different time zone, but a different time. Alien life forms would be unable to tell the difference between this recording and The Doors, excluding that beautiful organ of course. I'm digging this 60's vibe which had been continued from their debut album. The People's Temple are generally this energetic. Seeing them live is a lot different than listening to them recorded. For example, on this track you can hear a great 60's replica recording technique, with the rocknroll, psych song structure. When playing live they come into their own, sounding modern, eclectic and skilled; With composure and what seems to be great passion for success. You just don't get that on studio recordings.

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