Friday, 31 August 2012

Live Show - Jake Bugg

Where: Summer Sundae Weekender, Leicester
Venue: The Beer Tent / The Watering Hole

I'm going to be as honest as I possibly can with this review. Some of the things I mention may not be his fault, however I think the festival organizers could have prevented some of the 'bad' aspects of this show. OK, let's begin. It's a Saturday afternoon, it's been warm all day.. And all I want is a beer from the 'Real Ale' beer tent. However, I'm stopped from a rather mean looking security guard/personnel/guy who's informed me that the tent is full. This didn't happen to me, because I was inside the tent waiting to see Jake Bugg.. But this happened to literally hundreds of people standing outside the tent. Some didn't want to go to the bar.. They just wanted a glimpse of 'sensation' Jake Bugg.

I do like my folk music. It's true, I do like my folk music... That's why it's hard for me to actually appreciate Jake Bugg, let alone enjoy his music. People are 'demanding' for Jake to be discovered, or brought to fame. This has already happened, yet organizers see fit to put the most up and coming and one of the most popular for teenagers, to play on the smallest stage. Regardless of this silly mistake, Jake filled the tent, he filled the entire surrounding of this tent. He takes influence from 50's and 60's American folk music. That's clear as ABC. I think some/most of his fans have only ever heard Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, because they seem to think Jake is this unique, iconic upcoming folk legend. In fact, it's the opposite. America has literally hundreds of folk artists who are more skilled, intelligent and older. An average country singer in America makes Jake look meaningless. This isn't Jake's fault though, is it?

It's not fair of me to disregard Jake Bugg so soon into his career. He hasn't released an album yet, but I've heard enough material to disregard him. I'll take my 50's - 70's folk music over anything Jake Bugg releases. 'Lightning Bolt' is the song everyone is waiting for. He doesn't disappoint the audience, but he doesn't half keep them waiting. He wades from several tracks from his upcoming album, which fail to amuse the sweaty audience. These songs are not memorable whatsoever, just featuring Jake with three or four chords, finger picking. If this is the sound of the future, then somebody shoot me. This is the sound of 1920, before the days of Leadbelly. 

'Trouble Town' and 'Taste It' brighten the mood towards the end of his set, but the audience is left wondering what the fuss was all about. What is the fuss all about? I turn to my American girlfriend who hears artists like Jake Bugg day in day out.. She says, "Is that it?" Yes, that was it. For an artist supporting the likes of The Stone Roses. Was I disappointed? No, I wasn't. I knew that Jake Bugg wasn't exciting to begin with. He was still good, playing his songs the way he wants to, it's just not that good. Look to America if you want some decent music along these lines. Better yet, look at British music in the 50's through to the 70's. 


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