Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Track Review: Fear of Men - Mosaic

Fear of Men are a band on the rise. A series of singles has left them with options; And they have taken the option to release a compilation of their singles which will be out early next year. They and I are hoping this gives them the exposure they uttermost deserve. A quick listen to Fear of Men becomes a long listen. You'll find yourself clicking on YouTube related videos, till at last.. There is no more, then it's back to Doldrums. It's easy for me to say that Fear of Men are well equipped. Seeing them live adds a connection with the delicate astral guitar work. They play mournful tracks with beautiful harmonies and catchy rhythm guitars. They have too little material for a debut album, which is why next years 'Early Fragments' is an ideal release. I can also see this band going far, so naming a compilation early fragments is just about right.

Fear of Men have toured with the likes of Best Coast. That's not to say they're anything like Best Coast, because Fear of Men are in a completely different league. It's still indie pop, but Fear of Men are the Newcastle United to Best Coast's Boston United. 'Mosaic' is an outstanding single. Then production has improved drastically, the vocal progressions are far more ear-catching and interesting. The most gripping aspect for me, musically, is the lead guitar. It has soft edges, reverberation and a three noted riff which reacts perfectly with the other instruments. This happens on Doldrums, it happens on Born and it happens on Green Sea too. 

I hate to endure in my typical cynicism, but Mosaic, like a few other Fear of Men tracks, seems to have very similar structures / progressions. The chorus is ultimately the most catchy moment on Mosaic, like it is on Doldrums. I can't help wonder whether or not Fear of Men are a one trick pony. Do they need to expand their sound? or keep it compatible. They do have a wonderful sound and even on repeated listens, it never fails to entertain me. Think Camera Obscura and Asobi Seksu without the synth. The singles compilation will no doubt create positivity for Fear of Men. They can only become bigger, but can they become better? We'll find out in due course.

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