Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Track Review: Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait

This is not folk music. Let me repeat, this is NOT folk music. I feel better now. Mumford & Sons are neither the folk revivalists they want to be, or like the great folk artists of America. Pete Seeger would laugh at Mumford & Sons. Woody Guthrie would write a song against Mumford & Sons. I don't endorse Mumford & Sons because I think they're wrong in every way imaginable. Their instrumentation, their appearance, their lyrics.. Just everything is sub-par to Fleet Foxes. And now Mumford & Sons have a new single for their second album, 'I Will Wait'

Do they have a particular sound? Yeah, I guess. The fast paced banjo/guitar mix has been done many times before, far more advanced and far more textured. Is this sound good? I suppose so, it's respectable at most. Repetitive, is the word on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Even the die-hard Mumford & Sons fans can sense the repetitiveness of I Will Wait. It's not just this track; it's everything about Mumford & Sons from debut to follow-up album. Where's the changes, the advancement, the experience? They're nowhere to be seen. I Will Wait has the same progressions, the same sounds, the same instrumentation and the same lyrical direction as every track on their debut album. That's bad guys, very bad. The albums out soon...

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