Sunday, 9 September 2012

Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon

Two Door Cinema Club are already an established act from the great.. Northern Ireland. They released their debut album in 2010, called 'Tourist'. It wasn't very good. I know I'm blunt, but yeah, it wasn't very good.. I'm not going to sit here and lie am I!!! Moving on, Two Door Cinema Club are another electro rock / dance-punk-ish PPR band. They have released a few good 'tunes'.. They're all singles, undoubtedly, but they're decent enough for me to listen to. Beacon is their second album, and it's such an improvement over Tourist History, but we're not here to talk about Tourist History are we? This is for Beacon. So let's talk Beacon Two Door Cinema Club fans.

Previously, tracks like 'Something Good Can Work' and 'What You Knew' added a bit of spice in to their rather straightforward structures. It's all pretty common and quite repetitive when you hear the same thing over and over again. Sure, it's a different band each time.. But you're hearing the same thing. You can hazard a guess that I don't like unoriginal music. Are Two Door Cinema Club original? Not in the slightest. There's not one original idea, drum rhythm, guitar riff or vocal refrain that hasn't been done before. That doesn't apply to just Two Door Cinema Club, it applies to a high majority of modern artists, some just know how to separate themselves from the crowd, Two Door Cinema Club however, do not.

Nonetheless, Beacon has some interesting material; Take 'Settle' for example, it features a lovely atmospheric build up with the bass synthesizer and an uplifting, air pounding rhythmic instrumental section. 'Handshake' serves up the single material with plenty of loops and a pop like structure and vocal progression. Take away the synth and the guitar and you have a prime time Radio One pop track. Add Jessie J's voice and you have a hit, I'm serious. As far as opening tracks go, 'Next Year' is a good'un. The vocal progression is probably the most exciting aspect of the track, with the drumming coming in a close second. I've kind of grown old of the left sided lead guitar riffs. They reappear on almost.. Every.. Track.

'Wake Up' doesn't offer me anything I'm afraid. The lyrics are pretty average and ineffective, same with the layered vocals and again, that fucking left sided guitar. It worked a few times for Joy Division, it worked once or twice for Interpol, The Strokes, Editors.. Enough of this nonsense. If you want to sound post-punk, listen to The Fall and realize that your left sided high pitched guitar Is fucking repetitive. (Listens to The Fall for the next few hours..) And we're back. Two Door Cinema Club really do take advantage of the three minute pop song structures. 10/11 tracks are within 3 - 4 minutes long. They're not everlasting, they're not gripping and they're certainly not memorable with the left Guitar for fuck sake./    Guess what’s blanked out?

The thing is, this album is well produced. Jacknife Lee is behind it (R.E.M, Kasabian, The Hives). It's not a bad album, it's just not thought provoking or enjoyable. I'm unable to enjoy this, because I know six/seven bands that have released better, brighter and more textured albums with this kind of sound. 'Sleep Alone' sounds like it's about to break in to a Bloc Party track, fortunately it doesn't otherwise this would create chaos; it does break into another typical electro-rock Two Door Cinema Club track. 'Sun' and 'Someday' pass straight through me. After six, seven listens, theirs still not one memorable thing, other than the little distorted synth riff on Sun, which is kind of catchy, yet bitter. 

The verdict: Beacon is a promising album. The first few tracks are of course, the better ones; however they don't reflect the albums outcome at all. Although it is an improvement on their previous effort Tourist History, Beacon is just an irrelevant album. It's irrelevant because there's no reason for this album. It doesn't add anything new to the Two Door Cinema Club.. Club. The back album tracks are so predictable and off putting that they're not even worth mentioning. Tourist History had them kind of tracks, but Beacon really does take the piss with repetitiveness and unoriginality.


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