Friday, 12 October 2012

Interview: Benn Jordan

For someone who has just reached the age of 33, Washington based producer/composer Benn Jordan has accomplished more in his life than most people twice his age. He is an  awarded  composer for all kinds of media (he was awarded for a recent ad-campaign by Dove). Not to mention being an accomplished guitarist, the main driving force behind his own label Alphabasic, and putting out a string of releases under his most known alias "The Flashbulb". And now, less than two weeks before his next effort, "Hardscrabble" finds it way to stores and his many fans. I caught up with Benn to talk about: The past, the present and the not-so-distant future, the acid scene in Chicago, and what it’s like to be the head of his own label while still maintaining a strict schedule for releasing his music.


  1. Please post the tracklist for the background music, thanks!

    1. 1:00 Undiscovored colors
      5:00 French Pissing
      7:20 Remember Tomorrow
      14:00 Terra Firma
      18:30 Blurry figures, far away
      22:39 Heroes on your lawn at night
      30:30 Skeletons
      30:37 tomorrow untrodden
      37:40 we are alone in a city
      42:20 It never ends

      all tracks of The Flashbulb :P

    2. 1. Undiscovered Colors
      2. French Pissing (@04:05)
      3. Remember Tomorrow (@07:05)
      4. The First Rain And You (@10:20)
      5. Terra Firma (Album version)(@13:15)
      6. Blurry Figures, Far Away (@17:10)
      7. Heroes On Your Lawn At Night (21:40)
      8. Skeletons (@25:40)
      9. Tomorrow Untrodden (@32:10)
      10.We Are Alone In A City (@34:05)
      11.Fast Forward To Here (@39:25)
      12.It Never Ends (42:00)

      Songs can be found on Arboreal, Reunion, Soundtrack..., Opus... and Love as a Dark Hallway :)

  2. Always fun to get to know a little more about this great artist!
    Also very nice to hear that you're planning a tour to Europe! If you come, I'll be there, wherever you are :)