Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lego Lepricons - Lego Lepricons EP

Lego Lepricons are an alternative rock quartet from Israel, a country some would say is on the verge of torrential warfare. Not all Israelis’ agree with the government’s foreign policies, with Lego Lepricons expressing criticism on this EP. One of the most important aspects of new music is the 'voice', and I’m not talking about vocals. The voice controls: An artist’s growth, style, image, opinions and above all, music.

The EP is a relaxing listen. It's not quite the cataclysmic sound of post-rock like Mogwai or Godspeed You! Black Emperor, but it's mellow and quite calming. There's no denying their musical talent, the first track "Is There Something I'm Forgetting" highlights their varied abilities behind instruments. It does have a dynamic edge, such as a heavy rock section, an atmospheric keyboard loop and a heavy drum pattern. "No Money" isn't similar at all, with electronic aspects filling my ears right from the go. Lead singer Yair Ziv has opted to sing and write in English, for a wider and diverse audience (obviously has worked otherwise this wouldn't be at my disposal today). No Money is quite appealing with Yair's deep vocal, much like Matt Bellamy's without the screeches.

"What Is It" is arguably the most appealing track on the EP. It starts off strong but comes into its own in the final three minutes. The bass riff that starts the track off reprises its role in a different form, whilst the vocals, guitar and the drums hit hard and passionately. It's an interesting arrangement and certainly one you should check out. It features Yair's strongest vocal on the EP too. "Well I Don't Think So" is a splendid follow up. This time piano is the focus, and Yair delivers the most emotional and thought-provoking lyric on the EP, "We are rabbits on your land , that's full of holes. Just looking for a way home." The last lyric is also brilliant, "What we're gonna tell the children. There's war, hanging on above their heads." This is a fantastic track both lyrically and musically, with meaningful lyrics at its core. The final two minutes are intended to be instrumental, leaving the listener with a moment of thoughts.

"I Can Fly" is a rather different in style. It touches on the essence of alternative rock artists like Coldplay, a compliment to some, an insult to others. The guitar is sweet and so is the vocal, I’m not too keen on the drumming here, or the bass, but that's a matter of my personal liking over whether or not it fits together. It does fit and the track works, it's not the best on the EP but it's still a respectable track with yet again, a decent set of lyrics.

The EP closes with the funky "You Should Have Known". The synth work is outstanding to say the least. It fits with the Strokes-esque guitar work and song structure. It's another politically fuelled track, the voice of Lego Lepricons coming through. You don't need to be in a punk band to be political in your music, and Lego Lepricons are a great example of an up and coming band that fear not, Israel is no Russia.

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